Photo Gallery
A posed portrait of Alex.
Alex posing outside.
A portrait of Alex.
Alex posing in traditional Ukranian garb.
Alex as a young girl.
Alexandra's childhood home.
The Wiwcharuk's posing for a family photograph.
Alex and two of her sisters.
Alex and her niece Patty as a baby.
Alex and a male friend.
Alex and a friend at the side of a road.
Two friends, in a car.
Alex and another one of her male friends.
Alex and a friend, posing for Christmas photos.
At a birthday party.
During a get-together.
Having fun and fooling around.
At a baseball game with a friend.
Enjoying a day with baseball and friends.
With friends at the beach.
Alexandra's mother and father.
Mother and father of Alex, again.
Alexandra's mother at her daughter's gravesite.
Four of Alex's nieces.
A friend of Alex's, do you know who he is?
A friend of Alex's, do you know who he is?
Alex getting ready and posing for a photo.
Taking a photograph with a friend.
Accepting her award.
Johnny Cash performing a song for Alexandra.
Wheat Queen Rules and Regulations.
Alex waving during her winners parade.
Accepting the Wheat Queen title.
Graduation from School of Nursing photo.
Commencement Booklet.
Alex's graduating class.
Alex posing with her family at her graduation.
The girls posing in their commencement dance outfits.
Alexandra getting ready to leave.
Friends enjoying themselves.
Alex and her date.
Alex working with a patient.
Crime scene photo #1.
Crime scene photo #2.
Some photo's of Alex's funeral.
The building where Alex lived that has now been moved.
What exists where Alex's apartment once stood.
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